The Alentejo charms are many, but it cannot be denied that the towns and villages of this Portuguese region are among its main attractions. Some are among the most beautiful in Portugal. Just by the pictures, it is already possible to understand a little of its beauty and very special climate: medieval castles, stone streets and white houses on top of hills form simply lovely sceneries. Check out some of the most beautiful villages in the Alentejo region below:


Located close to the Spanish border, it is on a hill and surrounded by medieval walls. With the stunning Alentejo landscape as a backdrop, the village has narrow cobbled streets, white-walled houses and an impressive castle, which guarantees a beautiful view of Lake Alqueva.


Less than 30 km from Évora, the main city of the Alentejo, Arraiolos has a peculiar circular castle and is famous for its carpets, which are among the most fascinating handicrafts in Portugal. In addition to these colorful items that decorate various places in the village, Arraiolos has incredible constructions, such as the Church of Misericórdia and the Church of the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, decorated with beautiful tiles.


At the highest point of the Serra de São Mamede, at 800 meters of altitude, is the village of Marvão, where an atmosphere of tranquility prevails. The surrounding walls were built in the 13th and 17th centuries, and the architecture of the local buildings abuses granite, wrought iron balconies and Manueline windows.


In the past, this village was an important city in the Roman Empire and, after that, a large Muslim city. Its Islamic heritage is one of the best preserved in Portugal, and there you can even find an old mosque with a Catholic church. The result is a heterogeneous destination, with buildings and remains that tell a vast and very old history. To top it off, Mértola is in the middle of a natural park and has stunning views of the Guadiana River.


About 55 km from Mértola is Serpa, surrounded by hills and vineyards. This Alentejo village has a very well preserved historic center, and a stroll through its cobbled streets lined with very white houses is a must for anyone visiting it. At the highest part are the longest-lived buildings, many from the medieval period, including the tower of the old castle. Serpa is also surrounded by a 13th-century wall, as well as a monumental aqueduct with an Italian arcade.

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