In the middle of the Atlantic, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are a haven of natural beauty. Between the blue of the sea and the emerald green of the vegetation, the exotic color of the flowers stands out, in an archipelago in which two thirds are protected area and where is the largest laurel forest in the world.

The spring temperature that you feel all year round invites you to practice outdoor activities. Walking tours can be made taking advantage of the network of routes through the levadas, visiting the city of Funchal and getting to know the heritage linked to the Age of Discoveries or roaming the island freely. Boat trips are an excellent option to enjoy the seafront and have a different perspective.

In a naturally welcoming environment, balance and well-being are common references. Madeira offers several bathing complexes and access to the sea with good conditions for recreational boating and diving. The island of Porto Santo, in particular, is the ideal place to escape stress and do a thalassotherapy program. Or a beach holiday combined with a round of golf.

The festivities throughout the year are occasions to enjoy the traditional flavors of gastronomy and to see Madeira in celebration, with emphasis on the Carnival parades, the Flower Festival, the Atlantic Festival and, above all, the end fireworks of year.

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